The era of smart phones and stupid people

Convergence in the context of technology is defined as the integration of two or more different technologies in one device/system. When we think of technological convergence, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the mobile device, isn’t it?

Initially, mobile phones were created for the purpose of making calls. However, with the continuos advances in technology, we can now use our phones for much more. We can make normal calls or use FaceTime call if we wish to see the person, we can text on iMessage or text on whats app, take a selfie with the front camera or ask someone to take a picture of us and post it on Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat immediately.  We can share our thoughts on the Twitter timeline, listen to the latest album on our phones after we download it straight from the iTunes on our phone. We can use the phone map to find out where we are when we get lost in  Central London or simply call an Ubber cab, again from our phone device, all this facilities at the palm of our hand, literally!

Technological convergence has made life so much easier for us in the last few years but there are many people that think, having everything given to us isn’t helping. Our brains aren’t challenged, we do not exercise our minds and we end up having stupid people and smart phones…




  1. I think you make a good point of stating what we are able to do with our phones nowadays but I don’t agree that we’re creating stupid people through using them. If anything, people are now able to learn more by using our smartphones. We are able to access content from all around the world in an instant. We wouldn’t have been able to do that 40/50 years ago. So if anything, we’re expanding our knowledge and creativity through using our smartphones rather than becoming less intelligent.


    • My point is, that having such easy access to information doesn’t benefit us in any way as to go and look for certain information by going to the library, visiting a museum or speaking to an expert in the field.. we would rather just Google it and forget it 10 min later because we didn’t go out of our way to obtain that knowledge… Our brains go in a stand by mode as we don’t challenge them.


  2. That’s a really interesting point. Due to the convergence of these smart phones taking on everything that we could possibly need, people may become dependent on them. Although I would disagree on the basis that the effect of this convergence will make us stupid. It will make our minds active in a different way. Instead of solving problems in a historical way we will be exercising our minds and finding new ways to solve the same and new problems


  3. I somehow understand your point as in recent years, scientists have figured out that cell phones affect people in a negative way. According to The Telegraph’s investigation, googling information makes us lose our natural curiosity, weak cognition and unable to think analytically. Personally, my memory gets worse because I have relied on my cell phone too much, everything is on the Internet now, so why have to remember? So I regularly search the same things several times.


    • I absolutely agree with you and I appreciate that little research that you have made to prove our point! I feel the same way, for example I don’t even make the effort to make a simple calculation, because my pone has a calculator… I don’t go shopping because I can do online shopping and so many things like this change our life in a negative way because we become less social in real life and more social in the ‘fiction’ world which shouldn’t be the case as we are humans, not robots and we need to interact with real humans in real life.

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