More than music

When we think of Spotify, music is the first thing that comes to mind, but it has become much more than that.

Other than being similar to a social network, where you can share songs and see what your friends are listening to, you can explore a huge variety of content.

In the “Show” section, you get to choose between video and audio shows. Users can switch from music to cultural or funny podcasts, without having to use Apple’s app for podcasts, it has everything from “Freakonomics Radio” to “Book Club Girl”.

For what it comes to the Video feature, the choice and the whole layout could even challenge YouTube, usually if you’re looking for more serious videos. The app shows the most popular videos in that moment, but choosing the main section takes you to interesting profiles that somehow look more appealing than watching them through the Internet. The range includes videos such as “TED: Bite-sized” and talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live or the Ellen Show.


The app can even be used to buy concert tickets; you find the list of upcoming concerts according to your location and once you choose one it goes directly to SongKick’s website, this means people can choose not to download apps such as SongKick itself or Bandsintown, since they can already find their kind of service somewhere else.

This convergence seems to be created around the average Spotify user, so that he can go through the app without needing other ones to do what he would normally do.



  1. Spotify is an interesting choice to use as you’re example of convergence because you’re right in saying that it’s not obvious.

    They made the updates to the app quite a while ago, released a typical explainer of how to use the new features but personally i haven’t ever taken a look at any of the other features or content available, its just not something i want to look at when i go to use my Spotify account.
    I think what they have done could possibly be an example of convergence going too far. I would love to see the usage figures and analyse if the video content is popular or not.

    Regardless though, I suppose it does make sense to integrate things such as buying concert tickets, but i’m not sure Spotify would ever be anything more than just a music streaming service in the eyes of most people.


  2. This is really interesting, I didn’t know that you can do that much with Spotify, is Amazing what we can do with one music tool.
    I’m going to be direct I don’t use Spotify that much Spotify because I want it simple, I just want a app for listening music ( first world problems) nothing else, for me I understand the convergence of Spotify but is to much for me, I don’t need him to show me where is the next gig of my favourite band, I know where it is, I will go if you stop telling to the world where it , because all this convergence make everything so easy for everyone that is ridiculous, the concerts sold out in one day some times it doesn’t give you time to bread and they are sold out, is ridiculous. The point that I want to make is, using a tool to do everything it’s easier but sometimes is to much and makes you think, why I’m using a key to make pancakes, that doesn’t make sense.


  3. This is a great example, because if I am honest, I hadn’t realised that Spotify offered services as broad as this. I am an avid Spotify user, but simply use it for its primary purpose and that is scheduling playlists and listening to music.

    The fact that these other services are available, I will now explore these and become part of the “convergence trend”.


  4. I had no idea that Spotify had other content like this. I like using Spotify because it gives me a separation from Apple. I refuse to use Apple music because I’m afraid that everything I use is going to be run by one company. Thats a scary feeling to think that one company can provide everything for you and you depend to much on them.


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