Living our lives through our phones

In 2016 convergence is everywhere; smart phones in my opinion are the main driver of the convergent media sector. There are an estimated 40 million smartphone users worldwide and according to this number will keep on rising. One of the top companies producing smartphones for the globe is apple, apple in my view forces consumers to converge to buying only apple products. This is because apple have designed all of their products to only be compatible with other apple products; as a result the apple has become a must for the consumer.

A large amount of the population now have virtual lives and spend he majority of their time looking down at the tiny computers in their pockets; but it’s much more than that. The reason this has happened is because application devices and messaging apps have forced us to live our lives through our phones; if we aren’t on WhatsApp or have a social media site at our fingertips we feel out of the loop. I would argue that in 2016 the majority of us are tied to our phones and as time goes on I think we will spend more time looking down and less time looking up and around at the world around us.  Do you agree?



  1. I agree that we are becoming more and more glued to out devices, in particularly mobile phones. As they are being updated almost every year or so and new apps are being developed, it almost gives us a feeling of guilt of we are utilising this part of technology. That these are being made for us and we should be using them as they are there. There is also the thought that there isn’t a need to “look up” in a young persons mind anyway. Why go outside when you can do it in a game on our phones? Its an interesting topic which can be brought down many different paths!


  2. Whether we choose to become addicted or not, in the end, it comes down to us. Personally, I do not spend much time on my phone, I choose to distance myself a little from trend apps, such as Snapchat, Twitter and so on. But that is just a preference, and it does not mean that I disagree with anybody that enjoys being up to date.


  3. It happened to look around in the pub I work for and it is usual to see a couple or a group of friends, being silent and just ignoring each others to check their phones. Our phones nowadays are essential tools for our every day lives. Personally I cannot picture my self to go out without my phone or even my headphone that allow me to listen music on the same device. Smart phones are the perfect concept of convergence, all the technologies in just one device. It is something that make life definitely easier, but changed our world completely making us addicted.


  4. For me personally I think it is a choice whether we “look down” at our phones rather than “looking up”. Although it may seem like we are always needed to be connected tour phones it could be just because we have adapted to life with them. Growing up we didn’t have the access to apps and the internet and if we’re to take away our phones we would be able to adapt without them.


  5. I agree to what you’re saying about how we are becoming more and more addicted to our phones. We depend on our phones for almost everything, the alarm that wakes us up in the morning is on the phone, the calendar to organise our meetings, shopping lists, reminders, even train or event tickets are on our phones. Now phones are not only for contacting people, it’s so much more than that.


  6. Now a days, Cell phone addiction is so real people are going to rehab for It! One such place is reStart, an addiction recovery center in Redmond, WA, which offers a specialized treatment program for the mobile fixation. Call it dependency or a full-blown addiction, but how we’re (over)using iPhones and smartphones is taking a serious psychological toll on us, Nomophobia or the fear of being without your mobile devices is being considered as a serious enough affliction to check into a rehab centre. I agree we have come a long way in terms of technology, but maybe we have taken it a bit too far!


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