When was the last time YOU left your mobile at home?


When was the last time that you left your mobile device at home? And if you have – you missed it right?

With thanks to convergence, the mobile telephone, which was once for making telephone calls, is the most important thing in our lives today.

The mobile device allows us to communicate in various ways (voice, video, text, image and emoji), find new and existing relationships, transfer money from one place to another, pay for and top up bank accounts using contactless payment, take photos and videos, send and receive electronic mail, track your daily habits such as food intake, exercise and monitor your heart rate, surf the world wide web, read books and newspapers, listen to music, buy and sell stocks and game.

In my opinion, technology has revolutionised the way in which we live and carry out day to day tasks. In addition to the above, you can even purchase applications to switch on your central heating, oven, household lights and more – wow? This proves that even today it is advancing at such a rate and that it would be extremely difficult to live without it due to convergence.

Let’s look at the stock market as an example. Before the use of technology and hand held mobile devices, the stock exchange was a very different place. People would gather at the Stock Exchange and would wait for announcements on certain stocks, if they were willing to buy or sell at a certain price, the holder of the share would simply shout. If they got a response back from the floor then they marked it down in a notepad and a manual process began. With today’s technology, agents and brokers such as Investec will manage prices and clients and buy and sell on their behalf. You can even buy or sell a share whilst sitting on the toilet – oh how the world has moved on.

Image: Stock Exchange in 1920’s


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  1. I found it interesting how a smartphone has changed so much over the years, we don’t use phones just for calls now but for various other reasons! I think we have grown to have our lives centred around our mobile phone. I also like how you have compared life before the use of technology.


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