Harry Potter and the prison of Convergence

During the lectures and the seminars the Harry Potter topic, along with Pokemon and Star Wars, always stood out to highlight the sense of community it made. Another way the Harry Potter saga has been used was to explain the convergence made. Harry Potter indeed is not only the seven books written by J. K. Rowling that made children and teenagers all over the world dream of a magic and mysterious world. Harry Potter is also eight movies, merchandising, studios, theme parks, web sites. Different technologies and devices merged to make what today is a proper culture.

Moreover, the writer decided not only to make a play called “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, but also she recently decided to publish the written copy of the script. Most of the fans went crazy when the news of an eighth book came out, but, as probably one of the biggest fan of the story, I have find it disrespectful. If in one hand I gladly sip my hot tea using my Gryffindor mug and I love sleeping in my also Gryffindor pajama, enjoining the perks of the convergence; in the other hand I find all this need to keep the story going only a pretest to have a bigger profit and make the aim of the initial story completely compromised.

In this case I find the concept of convergence just a prison people cannot escape from and they are forced to live a story that is finished without the opportunity to move on.


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  1. Go go Griffindor!!!

    I like your post , the truth is that we are not in control anymore, it seems that we are but we don’t, don’t give me wrong I love Harry Potter as you do, but you are right about it, I believe that every year something new is happening with Harry Potter, the story never ends , and now is the new film, the play, and all of this things is kind of to much, at this point I think we going to be stuck in Harry Potter things forever. Till wen we going continue with this . For example there are convergence that are slow, as Pokemon, Lord of the rings, hunger games… And you can take that but things like Harry Potter , Star Wars ( I love both) I think is a little to much.

    By the way I always going to be Hufflepuf

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