Examples of Convergence: Harry Potter

I know our module seems to be a big fan of Harry Potter and I’m happy I am able to write about it. Harry Potter has brought together so many different ways of experiencing the story. You can read the original books which have a huge following. After reading the books you can watch the movies. After watching the movies you can visit Harry Potter world and have a sip of butter beer and the more recent attraction is the online website. Pottermore.com was created by J.K. Rowling to bring together the community of Harry Potter fans. On the website fans can feel like they are really apart of the ‘wizarding’ world. They are able to communicate with other fans around the world.

Harry Potter is an extreme example the whole franchise includes books, film, attractions, and online connection. There are many other franchises that have a cult following like this and they are also able to converge. Walking Dead and the Hunger Games all have multiple platforms that go hand in hand to keep the franchise alive as well.



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