Example of Convergence: YouTube

One of the most interesting examples of convergence that I deeply keen on is YouTube, “an intimate connection between video sharing and television” that is available anywhere, anytime (Jose Van Dijck, 2013).

YouTube was first introduced in 2005 and was seen as a completely new level of video sharing and watching television. This site allows users to upload, share, watch, comment, like a wide variety of videos from music videos, movie trailers, TV shows and other user-generated contribution and media corporations on all digital platforms. People are able to watch it outside website on most smartphones, tablets. YouTube also adapt itself in order to get along with the social trend, which is embedded on social networking sites and make it available on iOS and Android operating system.

YouTube is a brief example indicating the integration between a conventional industry and technological performances. From my perspectives, unlike television, which make users feel being controlled on contents, scheduled programs and too many advertisements; on the other hand, YouTube is likely to be more approachable and engaging with audiences.

As YouTube’s fast-paced development thanks to the help of technology and widepsread connectivity of social media coverage, people assume that it will be a big threat to television broadcasting. Eventually, everything must develop and I think that YouTube is just a new step in industrial mechanism revolution manifesting a different experience when watching televisions with friendlier approach in a more interactive way.


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