Convergence. Twitter.

Media convergence is the merging (or joining together) of previously distinct media to create entirely new forms of communication expression.

Twitter is growing more and more as a convergence in media along with Facebook.

“Social media is now the worlds largest mass media” – AdvertisingAge

Its a place, for me, to get the latest information faster than average news outlets. One example of this was when the three young muslims were shot at Chapel Hill, US. It was reported on to main stream media until more than a week later. This just shows twitter as a platform for all voices to be heard and more information to be exchanged quickly.

Twitter is always a platform in which to fight back on what is being said on mainstream news. One example of this is when David Cameron was interviewed about immigrants needing to learn english or they would need to be deported after a certain period of time. In this, he also called muslim women least likely to integrate into society calling them “traditionally submissive.” People then shared their views on this on twitter, in particular, muslim women, posting photos like these.



To me Twitter is a very good example of a convergence of two media forms, one being previously extinct, and the other being opinion forming together to create a platform where people can communicate and become a community. The use of hashtags to collate information such as these, and market research from companies too, with this platform becoming in my opinion a fast growing media convergence.

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  1. I agree, Twitter is one of the most potent social media forces on the internet. Certain hashtags provide advantageous information,

    Such as: #DidYouKnow

    If you’re a trivia and fact junkie, then you’ll love what this hashtag has to offer. People all over the world will share their facts with you by using this hashtag, and if you’re in the mood to learn a bunch of interesting facts, you can search Twitter for other tweets that have been tagged with #DidYouKnow.


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