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Convergence, particularly media convergence, is defined by Henry Jenkins as a ‘flow of content across multiple media platforms’ which suggests that both old and new media can come together to create something new for today’s media. Jenkins also mentions that it ‘should not be viewed as a displacement of the old media, but rather as interaction between different media forms and platforms.’

With the website, Tumblr, it merges together text, photos, video and audio, bringing together old forms of technology that have been prevalent for years and bringing them together on a sharing platform.By allowing its users to upload original content and to share content from other sources, it allows a community to be creative and to discuss the things that they share.

media blogpost

The options of what content to upload that Tumblr gives

Tumblr has become more popular since being launched in 2007 and after being bought by Yahoo in 2013, it has become more of a mainstream social media platform. Since expanding in 2013, many celebrities have begun to use Tumblr including the likes of Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds. Tumblr also includes an ‘ask’ feature where users can send questions to each other and have recently started asking celebrities to answer questions. This breaks the barrier of celebrity and fan for the users of Tumblr.

The way in which Tumblr allows original content to be shared helps many people to broadcast their work in a way that would be difficult before this site came along. It is mostly artwork that is shared more so than songs or videos, but still allows people to showcase their work for free, and to have it seen all around the world.

In conclusion, Tumblr  brings together aspects of media that have been around for years and allows its users to exploit these types of media to gain a global audience. Something which so far has had a positive response.



  1. I see Tumblr as the social media platform that contains more possibilities for convergence. The whole “GIF” trend, that now is not even considered as a trend because it is part of our Internet experience, came from Tumblr’s popularity.

    The website doesn’t use external websites for Audio or Video, so the traffic remains the same.

    Even tough Tumblr is not as popular as before, it has brought a high level of creativity and convergence in our Media society.


  2. Of the immense range of social media available for us, I like Tumblr the most. I guess the point you made by showing the many contents we can upload in Tumblr is exactly what made them famous – a place for creativity. It innovated the idea of the personal blog and created a social media, but not as ‘social’ as facebook or twitter, we don’t need to interact with others that much.
    I don’t use tumblr for news, for example, but it is definitely a place I go daily and always find interesting and funny material


  3. Tumblr is one of my favorite social networks so far. It gives the chance, as you said, to expand your creativity and at the same time to discover new talents and interests. Tumblr changed a lot during these years, generating changes and getting closer to a multitasking social media model. It is easy to find audio, videos, texts, images that converge in what is called gifs that are considered so popular and funny.


  4. Tumblr allows people to create their own blogs whilst using images, gifs, music. It allows us to become a part of a certain community. As mentioned in the comment before, tumblr is a social media platform, but it’s not as social as Facebook or twitter, people come to Tumblr to enjoy images and funny content, not look for the latest trends or news.


  5. I think the reason that Tumblr is such a strong example of convergence is because people can be anonymous, which allows people to express their feelings 100% genuinely. I also think the fact that on Tumblr it is so easy to share pictures, audio, and gifs, and then to comment on them together. Some of the most shared Tumblr things are not even content, but the comments surrounding the content! I think that shows the power that the site has to elicit conversation and sharing amongst friends as well as strangers.


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