Convergence in the film industry

One type of convergence that stands out to me is the cross media convergence in the film industry. This fusion across various media platforms makes the distinction between different types of media and different media industries increasingly dubious.

Thanks to sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Lovefilm, people can watch the film they want, when they want, and for either a very low price, or completely free. Audiences now flock in their millions to the online world because they are now given the chance to decide when they want to watch something, and most importantly, they can do it in the comfort of their own home. An easy way to prove that this is true is just seeing how successful these websites are.

The online world isn’t limited simply to exhibition though, it plays a huge role in marketing campaigns. There are hundreds of channels on YouTube that upload film trailers, and that is free marketing! Many people use YouTube as a source for film trailers, so if you get your film trailer uploaded to YouTube, it will easily spread to a large audience; it can be shred to other sites with just one click.

Social Media, the second portion of the online world, has also had a dramatic effect on the film industry. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are literally covered in adverts for films, and there are even free ways for film companies to get their film to a larger audience.

Growth in technological convergence has had a largely positive impact on the film industry. Anybody, small budget or big budget, can run a successful marketing campaign for little or no money because of this merging of different media platforms.


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  1. The subject of this post is quite personal to me and I disagree in most cases with films being streamed online. Well that is what I thought when I was younger, now I am a little more open to the idea – because why wouldn’t you be?

    The reason behind this is, my parents would take my siblings and I to the local blockbuster to rent games and movies every weekend. It was a treat, so if we had behaved ourself we were allowed to rent these titles. Suddenly, with thanks to convergence, our local Blockbuster closed down because the internet was taking over and company’s that you mentioned in your blog post were starting to appear. Unfortunately, we lived in an area where broadband wasn’t that great, because they didn’t think (and still don’t think) about families out in the sticks. This meant that we were unable to stream movies because of the constant buffering.

    Nice post, but I think this is an example of convergence that has moved to quickly. People even today have broadcast of less than 0.5mb which makes this impossible.


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