Snapchat get banged


Snapchat came into the world with simple intentions as a weird form of social media that allowed you to share a few ugly or otherwise explicit images with your close friends. In a sense it was an anti-social social network.

As with any successful app, overtime the developers realised the potential of what they had created and added more and more, and more features. Naturally there was a chance for money to be made on a completely new platform that had never been seen before.

A convergence of media outlets, news channels and entertainment brands such as MTV all happened via this relatively new and experimental app. I think the inclusion of the ‘Discover’ section works very fluidly with the snapchat experience and is proof that online media content is able to converge so easily and creatively thanks to the internet.

Snapchat is not the only example of this of course. Facebook reigns supreme in the news media market with both news corporations and Facebook itself making millions from each other every year. Sites such as AJ+ gain the majority of their site interest and traffic from posting direct to Facebook.

The consumer is ultimately the winner when using any social media service that is integrated with news, after all one major purpose of journalism is to reach the masses. If this is what is allowing untouched corners of the population to become engaged with the news and current affairs I fail to see how this could be a negative by-product of convergence. Convergence in my eyes is progressive.



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  1. Snapchat is a growing social phenomena that we love to love! I like how you described it as a ‘anti-social social network’ as its only shared with friends making it personal! i also agree with you that convergence is progressive, who knows what snapchat will be like in a year!


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