Is the print industry dead?

Convergence can be described as melting together of information systems, telecommunication and media technologies.

The digitalisation of production in media has strongly influenced the organisation and practice of journalism. With the convergence of technology, media and organisation it is completely changed how news is delivered. Radio and television reporters who have been in separate worlds, nowadays work together, cooperating across media boundaries. The foundation of these developments is the digitalisation which enables content to travel across media borderlines. However, all those developments have led to a “slow death” of an industry that has been around us for decades: the print industry.

With our busy lives, on the go lifestyle and demand for easier access to content, the print industry has become slowly but surely dated. People are simply not interested in the classic news papers anymore. Instead of buying papers, nowadays everything is more or less available online. Furthermore, we do not have to wait for the evening issue or next day morning to read the news, we can simply update the app on our smartphone and read it in real-time.

While commuting on the train there are less and less faces hidden behind the news papers. Look around and you will definitely see at least one person on their smartphone checking news headlines on their smartphone.




  1. This is a very interesting argument, especially with some news papers as you pointed out, going purely digital. I believe one of the reasons is that technology is making it cheaper to make and distribute news content. As a generation we are becoming lazy we no longer want to sit down and read through print we prefer to scroll through a site and get the latest news fast, The NY times reported that the average time spent by individuals on their digital formats is only 4.6 minutes. I believe that in the future print newspapers will die out completely but for the next few years they will maintain theie position of distributing news.One hard question to answer however; is technology ‘liberating’ or ‘democratising’ news?


  2. I think that this is really interesting argument. I don’t necessarily think the print industry is dead, but it is adapting. I think there are print entities that won’t survive the transition to online. Nowadays papers have to have an online presence. I think that the New York Times in particular has done a great job of maintaining a strong online presence. They have all their stories online, as well as strong data visualization charts, audio stories, soundslides, and video. It makes all the stories so much stronger to have all these different media elements. Because of these, I am confident that the New York Times will be around for years to come, and any other newspapers that follow this trend will have the same fate.


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