Convergence is a form of emerging two different types of media into one. As time goes on media convergence is a transition that affects mostly everyone, this is done by using old media and new media, for example; print and the internet, this form of convergence is seen as there are now applications for newspapers on smart phones and also accessible on the internet. People may argue that old media is being pushed aside but, is it? or is it a new form for the audience to watch/read their desired content on a different new media platform?

An example that comes to mind is buzz feed. Buzzfeed is a website releasing headline news, celebrity gossip and entertainment and video. and on the internet which then came out with an application for mobile phones. This convergence is important as it comes with many advantages, being:

  • -easier access and quick to search
  • -downloading application is free
  • -more variety of choice (news, entertainment, gossip ect.)
  • -easier to connect with audience

But why is an app on your smart phone so important? well, it offers to option for users to engage with the stories that Buzz feed publish, always having the buttons to share, like and add your response. This makes it easier to advertise and spread the word for more people to know about Buzz feed

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  1. I really like buzzfeed as an example, I think you’ve chosen a good one! Going to your rhetorical question of why an app is so important on a smartphone, it one of the bases of a phone. To be able to access something so easily as an app on your phone is such a key part of having a phone. Completely agree with you, it has changed the way phones are seen now. It’s practically more than a phone with people not wanting to call people (which was the main purpose of a phone in the first place).

    Great blog 🙂


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