Example of Convergence

One example of convergence, that is an obvious one, is the smartphone. With smartphones now, we are able to not only phone and text people but are able to take a  photos, watch TV or films, play games and listen to music. We are also able to get applications which can include social media as well news application. What the news applications mean is that we can consume news in different ways in terms of new media as well as old media. Smartphones also allow us to have access to the internet whilst on the go. We can get this all on one device.

What this could mean though is that they are designed to simplify everything by putting it on one device though now it could be seen as becoming more complicated for some.

One implication for the audiences with smartphones is to do with the information overload that they bring and some can find it difficult and overwhelming to use. With the rapid change in technology, it can be argued it has led to have caused an obstruction in the audience’s activity.

Another implication for the audience with smartphones is that with a smartphone more or less everything you need is on one device however this means that they are also expensive to buy meaning that they are not accessible to everyone. It can also mean that people who are used to the traditional media forms may have to learn to receive and use other technology to gain information. The ways news is produced is also effected as it needs to now consider the new platforms people can consume the news on.


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  1. This is a brilliant point. The days of having a phone just to make phone calls on are long gone. In fact making phone calls is the thing I do least on my phone! It is a really good point also that people who are used to traditional methods can find it very hard to adapt to them. When I got my first smart phone a couple of years ago I even found it difficult to get used to it, so people who have lived for longer without them must find them very daunting bits of kit.


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