An example of convergence for me is Music and Film. Music has always worked in video and really works well to help manipulate a viewer into what the film makers want the viewer to feel. A quick example would be the theme music from JAWS. That sound track has become almost the official sound of danger ever since it first hit our screens back in 1975.

Another example is Disney’s Frozen. The implications of adding the infamous ‘Let it go’ song to that film has boosted it to be one of the most well known films of the modern era, because of the song, not the film. The opportunity to have a whole film’s success based around a sound track also means there is so much room to make money. As well as selling the film, you are also selling the sound track. Both Film and Music also complement each other in terms of Marketing.

Disney pulled a master stroke with High School Musical. Not only bringing in the profits from both the sound track and the film (not to mention the merchandise) they managed to promote it almost entirely from within. Showing the film in their TV channel (converging Film with TV) and promoting the film on their radio stations with the songs (converging Music and Film).  Arguably convergence at it’s best.



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  1. I think this is a great example of convergence as most films today have a soundtrack or a particular song which appears in the film and makes it more popular to some extent. It is definitely an example of convergence which can be overlooked. If you take the recent Fast and Furious film with the song for it “See You Again” it helped the film when it came to promoting it.


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