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An online resource that I found quite interesting was called ‘New media and internet activism’ which is a journal article by Kahn & Kellner (that I found searching into Google Scholar). The chapter I found the most fascinating was ‘Blogging: Virtually Democratic’ as it talks about how blogs are seen by Google and how the writers believe that blogs are the “ultimate killer application” of email.

The writers go into a lot of detail about points they raise as they are able to back it up with the evidence and offer a link to the website. An example would be ‘Google Bombing’ which apparently revealed that the popular search engine had a special affinity for blogs. Because of this, bloggers would take advantage in popular search topics and use the tool as a ‘justice bomb’ where the example given is searching ‘McDonalds’ into Google and a blog post called ‘Lies About Their Fries’ pops up.

However they do not just talk about bombing search machines, but also different types of blogs such as political and mainstream. And at the convenience that we all happen to have a blog, I feel that this could be an interesting read for those who are interested in knowing a little more about blogs other than posting something to WordPress every week.



  1. A very interesting resource you found there, although the internet has come a long way since 2004, the article still seems extremely relevant. Especially due to the fact it picked up on bloggers taking advantage of Google’s algorithms, although this still happens to some extent today, it’s more and more apparently in multimedia content (mainly YouTube content).


  2. The global internet back then created the base and the basis for worldwide anti-war/pro-peace and social justice movement during a time of terrorism, war, and intense political struggle. However the internet itself has undergone tremendous transformations during this time. New web forms of design, such as web logs and wikis,blogging have evolved the internet’s architecture, even as online phenomena such as hacker culture, terrorism. Sure internet has jumped through many hoops to get here. Bloggers aren’t prohibited while sharing information, so is this generation of bloggers really unavoidable?


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