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There are many great online resources that may be very useful for students on this module. One I found that may be useful is this BBC editor’s blog whereby editors from across the BBC share their thoughts and dilemmas. The general public can also contribute by adding comments which gives the blog a more understandable quality to it. – Which I think would be helpful because you not only get a professional editors opinion on a topic but also a myriad of comments from everyday people who come up with ideas and solutions to issues that industry professionals may not have. Although not all of the blog posts on the site are relevant to this module, a great deal of them are and offer interesting views on many subject areas.

The particular page I have linked to, entitled ‘how has social media changed the way newsrooms work?’ I found especially interesting, not only because, as a journalism students it is interesting to see how media developments affect my chosen profession. But this page is broken down into different sections, with graphs and bullet points making it especially easy to understand. Which may not be the case, if a similar topic was discussed in an academic book for example.

Furthermore, the specific blog post I have linked to relates particularly well to week four’s lecture on ‘The transformation of News’ as well as week eight’s lecture on ‘Regulation and social media’.




  1. Thank you for sharing this source. It seems to me that, sometimes we focus so much on our audience and their reactions and end up neglecting some of the issues WE will face ourselves in our professional lives. In fact, I believe that the more engaged the audience is with the media, the more delicate our work becomes – especially in regards to such big corporation like the BBC and seen more critically because it is ‘public’.


  2. I really appreciate your sharing because this is so useful. It somehow creates a “healthy” public sphere and shows that BBC make engagement with audiences. Moreover, unlike other blogs which are mostly objective perspectives, BBC conducted a blog that allow different approaches not only from individuals but from professionals on multiple topics that might interest lots of audiences. And I think the professionals will give us the more subjective views, which will be better.


  3. Now this is interesting! Is really a think that I didn’t even know. Is really good to have the view of editors about some issues, and okay some issues is nothing to do we this subject bout is interesting to know about them. I think was really great idea and is really useful.


  4. I didn’t even realise things like this existed! It’s really interesting to see an insiders point of view alongside the public view. The fact that it features editor views from across the BBC is helpful to, so it spans across areas that can be helpful for each person in this module.


  5. i think this would be a very interesting blog to gain ideas and information from. Being introduced by the BBC would mean that the blog would be well regulated, it would also have posts by professionals in their field. Although this could also be seen negative as this blog is just the view of one corporation.


  6. I think that the blog post you linked to is so interesting. As someone who has worked in the news industry dealing with the social media side of it, it’s crazy all the differences that audiences don’t consider when it comes to how news organizations operate their social accounts. I think that part about how the role of traditional media has changed is so accurate. Usually, news sources are no longer the first to break a story. It happens on platforms such as twitter. With this in mind, I think it’s smart to change how we write news to shape it around the new role it plays as a source for understanding information more than for initially receiving said information.


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