Online Resources

I think one of the best FREE online resources is The content is endless and you can pretty much find a video about anything. Videos are good for visual learning and may actually be easier to understand for some people. I know someone posted about Ted Talks and you can easily access those through Youtube.

Here’s an example of content that would fit well with what we are learning in this module. You can find many other videos like this. Also there are so many interviews from every talk show on here. Even news channels post on there own youtube channel. You also have the ability to subscribe to different channels so you can be updated with videos that you are interested in.

Youtube is such a huge platform right now and they are making more and more informative channels. You can pretty much learn anything through a Youtube video.



  1. I see You Tube as something that every media student knows, is not insightful to people who specialise in this field.
    The vastness of the content is undeniable, but the quality varies.
    TED talks are amazing, but not only available through You Tube, they can be downloaded and even watched offline through the app.


  2. It’s lovely that you included a website that is free for everyone. Youtube is quite a good source as it is a visual learning platform that can be well suited to everyone depending on the video, although it is quite a broad website and you have to be specific in what you want, it is still a good website to use if you find the right videos.


  3. I couldn’t agree more. Youtube is a fantastic source for content, whether it is educational, fun, or just something to entertain you because you are bored. It is across all platforms, which means that you can access it anywhere and on the good.


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