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A source that I believe is very useful for this module is a book written by Manuel Castells titled, ‘The Network Society from Knowledge to Policy.’ I have selected this book as gives an in depth insight into network society. There is also a very interesting chapter which talks about the myths associated with network society. Another very interesting point made in this book outlines that due to technological advances we in a sense worship the internet and technology. As a result of this ‘the digital divide increases social exclusion.’ Following on from the point made by castells are we worshipping technology and the internet as if it were some sort of higher force, due this I fell that many especially those who are excluded by the digital divide fear the power that technology has. Castells talks about how politics has had to evolve with technology, as politics is so largely dependent on public space of socialized communication he goes on to state; ‘the political process is transformed under the conditions of the culture of real virtuality.’ Overall i feel this text raises some interesting questions and definitely useful for those studying this module.




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