Online Resource: Teens, social media and privacy

The online resource that I would like to share with students from the module is an article called “Teens, social media and privacy” which is published on the website of Pew Research Centre.clic here to access it

I find the article useful because it makes reference to the Week 6 topic – Privacy and Surveillance. It is based on a research of surveys carried out on 802 teenagers and examines their privacy management  on social media sites. The result of the surveys is reported back in a form of statistics that clearly show that the use of social media and the amount of information shared by young people has increased compared to previous years.

  • 91% share photos of themselves, up from 79% in 2006.
  • 71% share their school name, up from 49%.
  • 53% share their email address, up from 29%.
  • 20% share their mobile number, up from 2%.
  • 92% share their real name.

Those are just some of the statistics that were published and I personally find it concerning that the statistics have increased so drastically and we can see that we pretty much share everything about us on social media. What we do not realise is that what seems to be normal in our everyday life, might be used with other intentions that we wouldn’t even think of! With our pictures, name, age information, relationship status, city of residence and so on, people can learn so much about us with jus a click on our profile. We need to be careful with our privacy and try to protect ourselves and younger friends/siblings by making our profiles private as well as by avoiding sharing too much personal data.


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