Online Resource

This is a book titles “The Network Society” edited by Manuel Castells and Gustavo Cardosa.


I find this link quite interesting as it covers a wide range of topics to do with our society and its connections to the world. As the book title is a very broad subject, i find it helpful that it breaks down that it talks about and gives you an idea of type of topics they want to go through in the book.

Some of these are:

  • Information, Technology and the World Economy
  • Challenges of the Global Information Society
  • Societies in Transition to the Network Society
  • Television and Internet in the Construction of identity

In particular to television and internet in the construction of identity, i think this is quite an important part of the book as it shows us how we construct our identity in this modern age and what the internet has done to be a part of this.

This also labels an issue about trust that a lot of people on the internet face on p.257. It has an aspect of citizens relationship with the state which could be interesting in terms of the privacy aspect of the module, as well as “online visibility.” Nonetheless, theres an topic in each of these pages that highlights a specific topic for the module, which is why this resource will definitely help others.



  1. To me, this resource seems like a really useful and reliable one especially because it is covering and exploring the topic in detail. Since it breaks down the different aspects, it is allowing us to gain more understanding of the module and the different topics. I like how you commented on how the book looks at how we construct our identity in the modern age because it is something that has changed a lot over the years and it is partially down to the internet why we construct our identity the way we do now.


  2. I really like the way you recommend the book as it will be extremely useful and essential for this semester. The book covers all needed information not only is it fit the module handbook, but it is also the book for students in diffident majors. For example, “Information, Technology and The World Economic” is suitable for DMC students, “Television and Internet in the Construction of Identity” is for Television Production students, “Society in Transition to the Network Society” for whose major is PR…And your comment makes the book more appealing, too.


  3. I don’t know if this was the objective, well is a book and its online, but I think that the idea when we at talking about online resources is something that people, specialists, editors, or someone generally goes and update with new information, new points of view. I’m not saying the this book is not a good resource but is something that stays stuck, don’t evolve, I think that when we are talking about online resources is that, otherwise it would be just resources instead.


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