Media Society Podcast


I have found a podcast releasing web page that could be helpful to students of this module. The theme of the podcasts circulates the media society. Therefore students can relate to the topics that are being discussed on the podcast. A new podcast comes out every week on Thursday.

I found this organisation putting out and raising topics that should matter and are relevant to most of our students. For example they are talking about the controversial ‘women on tabloids’ topic, how women are represented on the media and the newspapers. As Sara Custer, the Deputy Editor at The PIE News, talked about how women are being represented in the newspaper tabloids, how newspapers ad magazines feel the need to create separate sections for women, therefore it shows that women are not that represented and involved in the written media – newspapers and magazines. Although they are free to express themselves on other media platforms – social media. It shows the difference between social media and other media platforms.

In my opinion nowadays we reached a point where we have a platform – social media, where we can express our opinion freely, represent ourselves, raise the issues about the people who still can’t speak freely for themselves, or do not have enough representatives on some other platforms. For example how women are misrepresented on tabloids. That just goes to show how media has changed not only in technical but also in social and cultural terms.




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  1. I agree with your points, that social media has become a platform to express and represent yourself, however you could question that a lot of what you see nowadays is people only showing the positives in themselves, which is fine but its only one side to them and often it can be exaggerated and perceived differently to how one individual may actually be. The point i’m trying to make is that its hard to represent yourself in such a way that is completely true to your personality and where people dont question you about it.Only you or friends can tell weather the way you represent yourself on social media actually represents who you are.


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