Internet History Podcast

If you’re like me and you do your best learning via sound, then the Internet History Podcast will be a huge resource to you throughout this course. I stumbled upon it after the first lecture, as I was exploring more in depth some of the topics discussed in class.

The Internet History Podcast was founded by Brian McCullough, an Internet pioneer who founded many successful sites, such as McCullough wanted to learn about the Internet Era in 2014, but realized that there was no book the accurately summarized this. This is why he set out to create his own archives about how the Internet came to be.

The podcast covers topics from Netscape to eCommerce to the birth of Internet porn. This resource does a great job of getting first-hand accounts on each topic, which makes it different than simply reading a Wikipedia article. I loved hearing interviews with important figures such as Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. And the best part about this podcast is that they are releasing new episodes every month! Check it out!




  1. I think that this is good resource to use as, like you have said, if you learn from other resources that are not articles or books then a podcast is a good alternative which still includes a lot of detail on the topic. It is also relevant to the module as well so it can be used and can be helpful for us at some point during the semester, for example when it comes to writing the essays. It does make you think whether podcasts could be used more often as a resource in more subject areas as they can provide the same amount of detailed information, than in an article or book, but in a way which can be more understandable.


  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. I found it really helpful. As you mentioned it is great for people who learn best by listening. Also the interviews are interesting to listen and helpful. It’s not only helpful with work we have to do for the module but also some podcast are just interesting to listen. The podcast makes some topics and information easy to understand.


  3. Podcast are becoming more and more popular. I think thats amazing because not everyone can learn well from reading a book. A lot of people like you are learn from listening. Its similar to listening to a lecture. I will definitely look into listening to more podcasts. Thank you for sharing.


  4. i went and had a look at this source and listened to some of the podcasts, I totally agree with all of the points you have made regarding this source. There is so much information on this page about all of the main topics covered in this module. P


  5. Firstly, I have never thought of learning by listening. After I read your blog it made me very curious so I went and had look. I think that it is very helpful and there is a lot of useful information. Thank you for sharing this with us!


  6. I agree with you. This podcast is a great source of knowledge. It is an interactive project containing useful information that is helpful throughout our course. One thing that set out this podcast from others is all the interviews and oral histories are un-edited. This podcast is a hub of many books combined, detailed interviews about the ‘internet era’.


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