Focus on the feed

Having dozens of tabs open while trying to keep track of a news story is not ideal. Sometimes they are so many that you can’t even see the website’s logo and have to click all of them to find the one you want. But with Feedly, which also has an app, you can create categories and add as many websites as you want. I first heard of it thanks to a guest lecturer in Journalism. With suggested categories, such as Marketing, you can even find new sources you may never have encountered. Other people’s collections are also available, having topics that instead of “Fashion” or “Food” are less broad and more suited for a certain niche, like “App Design” or “Analytics”. You can get to whatever theme you’re interested in thanks to the “Add Content” feature, where you can search by Title, URL or topic.

The app and the website can also work together; if you were reading an article on your desktop before going out, you can access it later on your phone from the same point where you left off on your computer.

I find Feedly very helpful if you are interested in reading the news in general, or in staying updated on a certain area of them. It’s specific and won’t make you waste time scrolling from a general feed like Facebook.



  1. I agree that sometimes looking for a specific topic and trying to find out the most about it could be quite overwhelming with all the content you can find and all the tabs that you’ve already opened. I have never heard of this website, but I think it’s brilliant and could be very helpful.


  2. I had a look at this website which I didn’t know its existence and it made me really curious. I instantly made a new account to understand how it works and I have find it really interesting. It goes from the latest news about gossip or design to the most interesting news about science or technology, which in our module are really useful. I have find some post about the story of the internet as well, so I think I will use it again for some research in the future.
    Really fascinating the option to connect the app to the laptop as well.


  3. This is an excellent idea and if I am honest, I now use this because of your post. It is so useful because as a radio presenter, I am flicking through stories on my iphone and then when I get in front of the mic, I need it on my laptop, so I need to search for the same story etc. This has made my life much more simple! Thank you!


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