A brilliant website in Today’s life- TED TALK


Everything is easily accessible online today, on google, wikipedia etc. But an actual website that features inspirational speakers speaking to you

TED is a platform for ideas worth spreading. Started as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, TED today shares ideas from a broad spectrum from science to business to global issues — TED invites Motivational speakers from around the world to speak on current issues and ways to improve them. Brilliant speakers e.g, Stephen hawking, Bill clinton, J.J abhrams have spoken in these conferences and brought it to life.

I personally think this website is unquestionably useful for students touching topics which are further taught in the course ‘Campaigning, Social Movements and Activism’ accessing daily current issues, be it gender dilemma, to economic crises, social media, activists, country propaganda, the best part: these conferences are easily available on youtube.
One of my favourite speaker, Jean Killbourne has talked about the way advertisement’s depict women and male role’s, women are often shown as objects or just an entity to be seen as “beauty” but actually are downsized by men, portraying a particular role expected by the audience, this embedded a social farce creating years of misjudgment and misunderstanding. Jean goes into detail’s at the core of the issue.

Not only famous revolutionaries, but thinkers, doers, idea-generators get an opportunity to discuss and share their opinions.



  1. Interesting link. I feel TED talks is good to an extent, it allows a more interactive form of gathering information. I particularly like your point about women’s roles and how they’re seen as almost an object. Resourceful link!


  2. I have to admit I became a fan of some speakers and agree with you that TED Talks can be very helpful for academic learning as well. I have been watching many of them for years, about the most diverse topics. I also try to get inspired by the speakers on how to talk eloquently in public. It is definitely an unusual but effective way of learning and absorbing new information.


  3. They have TedTalks about almost everything. The information these videos give us are endless. This is really helpful to those who learn better through listening. Also its a nice change to just reading a book which can get rather dull.


  4. I am so glad to see this resource on here I think that TED talks are an amazing resource for this class. There is dozens on technology and how it relates to society. One of my favorites is Kevin Kelly’s talk titled “Technolgoy’s epic story.” Kelly talks about the role that technology plays, and how important and necessary it has become in our lives. He discusses communication and covers many of the topics that we will cover in this class. Check it out!


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