Online resource
What I found online is a networked society blog, covering a wide range of fields. Not only does it refer to the connections between persons and world changes, but also it provides a large deal of information about industry, technology and business .etc

There are plenty of articles that are closely related to the certain major, such as an archive named TV/media, which includes some contents like ‘the new engine of competitive advantage’. In addition, numerous obvious tags I can find in this blog are available for us , for instance, Digital media (with 19 topics) and Social media(with 35 topics)

The networked society blog aims at discussing many significant events or emergences of the society. As we can see, there are vast individuals who have been a part of discussion, and newsletters increase at a rapid speed every week. Moreover, list of the most popular and latest posts with hot comments is placed at a conspicuous position, including:
Quaint or connected?

It is about doing the impossible—faster
Creating the networks of future with Cisco
The consumer is dead. Long live the user!
Personally, reading some posts and newsletter is beneficial for us to acquire more related information about media, as well as some links to more advanced articles.


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