The Telegraph & The Ofcom’s research

At the beginning of February the national newspaper The Telegraph posted an interesting piece dealing with the time young people are engaged every week with the internet and social networks.

The article claims how young people in age between 16 and 24 spend more than 27 hours every week surfing the internet. I find these data mind-blowing, and if we think of it, we spend more than an entire day looking at a bright screen and scrolling our thumb on  touchscreen surfaces.

The article is due to a previous research made by Ofcom that questioned 1890 young people about their internet habits. The results highlighted how nowadays the concept we have of the internet is completely different from the one we had few years ago. Now internet is used to text, to watch TV, to interact with each others and now even to call. Therefore what we used to do without the help of the internet, now the use of the latter seems to be essential.

I decided to recommend this piece because I’ve find it interesting and a good point to meditate about. Moreover the article, and the research made by Ofcom, supplies important statistics and data about topics we discussed already during the seminars and about things we may get for granted such as our media diet.


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