The Academic Journals

The Academic Journals is one of the greatest non-profit academic sources, which I believe is extremely essential for research. It is basically a broad-based publisher of peer-reviewed open access journals covering several areas like media and communication, engineering, medical sciences, social sciences…, which means users are allowed to get access to these journals with no costs charged.

Students have so many problems when conducting research for their essays, coursework or dissertations as we are all required to find the information from credible resources with high reputation and analysis in depth. And sometimes, it is difficult to select reliable sources among the sea of information from the Internet and we do not know if they are credible or not. Moreover, there are restrictions when accessing any academic work.

Therefore, thanks to The Academic Journals, thousands of articles and journals are now published under open access that permits users to view and read. Users are able to copy, redistribute and adapt the original work with proper citations. On this website, all articles are guaranteed in high quality, reputable sources and especially, free access for global community. Also, one of the best thing about this website is that they have ethics policy updated and they have plagiarism checker system working too.

So, I think this website will be useful for everyone’s research not only on this semester but also for the next 3 years in the university.


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  1. I didn’t know about the website and I have to say it seems really useful and interesting. Choosing a journal by subject is really easy, and I find the presence of other topics not related to the media very useful, since I believe that things like the “African Journal of History and Culture” or “Philosophical Papers and Review” are still amazing findings for culture in general. Thinking that everything is free makes this website a must-visit for now and even in the future.


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