Speech – Security and Privacy in the Internet age

One resource that I found which I believe can be useful during the module is a speech from the government’s website about security and privacy on the internet.  https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/security-and-privacy-in-the-internet-age

The reason as to why I think that it will be useful resource is because it is about what the previous government highlighted as being the main issues with security and privacy on the internet were. We are able to see if the government have done anything that may affect the privacy and security on the internet or whether they will do something about it.

It is allowing us to see how the government also feel on the subject of privacy and security on the internet meaning that we able to see where they stand on the subject so can see how much of an issue it actually is. The fact that the government feel the need to address the issue of security and privacy on the internet shows how serious it can, and has become, since the government feel the need to more about it.

What I found most interesting within the speech was the fact it reinforced the idea that the legal framework, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, was written 14 years ago before the internet revolution had begun. What this means is that in terms of legal frameworks, it may need to overlooked again as a lot has changed within 14 years and more change is likely to happen so it is interesting to see the government’s view on the issue. It was also interesting how in the speech, is what they recommend and would like to this government do next since the speech was made during the coalition government.

Also the questions that were posed during the speech:

  • “are the capabilities of the state proportionate to the risks we face?
  • do we have the right legal frameworks to protect our citizens’ human rights, freedom of communication and privacy, even as technology develops?
  • do we have the right oversight regime so that the agencies and those who work in them are held to account for their activities within those frameworks?
  • are we completely unstinting in the pursuit of transparency so that we are always confident that secrecy – where it is used – is a necessity, rather than simply a habit?”

I found interesting because it is these question that should now start being brought into mainstream of political debates, it is to be said. If these questions were to be questioned in the mainstream of political debates it would be interesting what would said and how they would address these questions. In the speech, they mention how President Obama has done it in America so we should now follow.


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