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The Networked Society Blog is my choice as a resource that would help a student in this module for a few reasons. Firstly, it is a very active blog. There is new content uploaded too it on a regular basis (every 5 or so days at least). This means there is no shortage of ideas or content.

Secondly, it is very subject specific. It covers what we are doing in this module. You don’t need to discard a load of the information on the blog to find what you are looking for or is relative for you.

Thirdly, it comes from a larger cooperation. There are lots of ‘sister’ pages to this blog where more information can be found. This also for me makes it a more reliable source than a stand alone blog.



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  1. I gave a look, or maybe more than one only, to the blog you decided to suggest. I read few articles and I have find them quite interesting not only on an academic point of view, but also on a personal one. I had the change to inform myself with engaging topics such as new apps and new devices that connect people everyday to the network society. I have find the site interesting as well due to featuring guest posts made by important Chiefs or Heads of Strategy. I will definitely keep having a look on this blog.


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