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The online resource that i have found is a tumblr blog of an online reporter Aleks Krotoski who has PhD in social psychology, focussing on relationships and influence online. On the website i have found that there are many subheadings that lead you into certain subjects, for example, the one i found interesting and relatable to the network, society and the media module (week 6 – Privacy and surveillance) that we are currently studying is an intriguing post that she published called;

What the Internet is Doing to Us Part 1 of 3: Our Selves (QUICK LINK TO POST HERE)

in this post Aleks Krotoski links psychological identity to social networking and talks about the pros and cons about the ‘online revolution’ including:

  • the amount of surveillance online
  • personalising privacy
  • cultural trends
  • social media and convergence

The online reporter Aleks Krotoski also varies her posts including data and statistics, research, pictures, analysis of news and many posts about society and journalism including news and other topics linked to media online. Every week a newsletter is published discussing important media or society issues and the social effects of the online world which is obviously so relevant today. i would recommend having a look at this blog and read a few posts as it is interesting the way the online reporter links psychology to the media.

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  1. This looks like a great resource. It is also very course specific for us which makes it doubly handy. It also sounds good that there is a weekly newsletter, that way you know there is someone constantly working on the site so it is up to date. It is also appealing in that there is a different structure to each post, with some including data, some statistics and so on. Finally, I really like how the blog is written. It is not in a full on style, but more layed back. It feels more like a conversation than a read. Great find!

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