Nieman Reports

My choice as a resource is the Nieman Reports. It is a publication – both online and paper print – made by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. Even though the writers are based on the US and the issues they write about usually regard the US and north-American journalism, the content is very interesting and worth reading. The writers are all journalists themselves, currently or previously scholars at Harvard.

I’ve been following it since the first time I read one of their articles and I chose to share their material because I admire the way they write about journalism as a public service and how important the relationship with the audience is. Social media and participatory journalism are two recurrent topics in their discussions – as in this article, for example. They acknowledge the fact that contributions from readers through social media made easier for journalists to perform their role in a democratic society.

Also, I would like to suggest the reading of this piece about The Counted, a crowdsourcing project launched by the Guardian US last year. It started as an attempt to track how many people the US police murdered – a data that no government institution in the States had done so far . In order to do so, the Guardian US made use of information the audience sent to them to verify and create a database.


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