Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a brilliant way to keep on track of what topics interest you most, what topics you have recently written about and who is talking about what on the internet. They can be seen as a massive, free focus group.

Trends are clearly visible from Google Alerts and can keep you easily informed on buzz surrounding an article or video you have posted. Journalist Jay Baer writes about how “like most other marketing professionals” he uses alerts to track searches surrounding his own name, the company he works for and any topics which interest him in his line of work.

These alerts are invaluable for media professionals; they can help online content headlines more likely to be seen by analysing what the consumer is searching for in their Google browser. This is widely referred to as Search Engine Optimisation. Baer also mentions how it allows him to find other bloggers who have linked to his posts and develop online networking skills, building contacts or challenging other opinions.

As with any large collection of data, the more specific your alerts are the more useful they can be. Alerts can aid your research, allow easier following of breaking stories or find out what people are searching for online. Throughout the media content creators can use this information.

In future careers individuals may find their work or themselves well known on the Internet. Google Alerts are the perfect way as a professional to see how the audience are responding to your work and how they think of you/ your brand.

I think this is a very powerful tool that we can all benefit from at some stage.




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