The Representation Project

The Representation Project is a great resource for us and this module due to the fact it comments on current events and their impacts on society. Although the project doesn’t focus entirely on network media, it is still able to focus on certain aspects of it over its several platforms. 

In a video posted by The Representation Project on YouTube, the aspects of how we as a society consume and react to media is displayed through clear animations and info graphics.

cause and the effect.png

This video in particular follows how much media can affect a 12 year old girl in America, so may not be useful for us in the UK, and us as teenagers but still gives us as media students a very insightful look into how we are affected by what we see each day.

The YouTube Channel The Representation Project features many other videos that tackle topics such as gender, sexuality, feminism etc. and can relate to many topics that we cover in both this module and our individual courses. 

Another particular video that I’d recommend you to watch is How The Media Failed Women in 2013 which although isn’t as relevant to this particular module as other pieces of work they have done it still manages to offer an insight into all subjects within our cluster and how the women within the media industry were failed and also how the industry failed those out of it as well.

The Representation Project also has a website which has lots of information such as statistics, free resources, films and links to their social media campaigns. It’s definitely worth having a look at, even if it’s just to watch a few videos. They could come in handy over this module and the next three years.




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