The Influence of the Dot-Com Bubble

The one thing that surprised me most about the rise of the Internet was what a significant event the dot-com bubble burst was in regards to company growth on the World Wide Web. Before this class I had never even heard of that dot-com bubble. It surprises me that in an industry as completely new and unknown as the Internet, companies were not at least somewhat aware of the limitations that such large growth posed.

I feel like if online companies were more cautious in their initial stages and did not grow at an unforeseen pace, the Internet landscape as we know it would be completely different. Companies that did not survive the burst could have had a huge impact on Internet culture. Just think of the dozens of companies that could have been on par with eBay and Amazon, but just didn’t have enough resources to pull themselves together after such a tough time. Companies like eBay, Amazon, and Google have become industry-dominating mega-firms largely due to the fact that their competition was wipes away. Without this burst, we’d be looking at a different landscape.



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  1. I found your contribution for the blog very interesting. I liked to see an analysis of the economic aspect of the Internet. Particularly, I believe that this collapse on the ‘dot-com’ market only shows how great the impact of the Internet on the world, especially when it became available to the public, it filled companies with hope and expectations. A lot of businesses saw in it an opportunity to grow a new market. I think that the reason many of them did not survive the bubble burst is because the market was unknown, just like the internet itself. Nowadays, for example, after more than a decade, the IT industry is very profitable.


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