The History Of The Internet.

Throughout history the internet has had to adapt to ever changing times. In the beginning when the net was being used only for the military and academic purposes it only had to meet the needs of a very limited number of individuals. Now that use has been side lined in order to fit the needs of the masses. But where did all this growth come? The internet growth was supported in a number of ways during the 1990s. One of these events was a US summit in 1994 which was held by the US Vice President Al Gore ‘the first time a really major politician had acknowledged the potential of the Internet to change society.’ 1994 was a very important year in regard to the growth of the internet as it was the year that marketers took over and the internet became commercialised. I find it interesting how the internet took around 20 years to become so popular and yet today many of us couldn’t imagine life without it, going into a meltdown when we can’t get online or going into a coffee shop just because it has free Wi-Fi. Are we becoming too reliant on the net?





  1. The beginnings of formation of the global digital network had given many expectations. The one was the creation of a 21st century public sphere once that could potentially bring to the reality the Habermass assumptions. The digital place where people all over the world, won’t be constrained by time and long distances, will have an ability to debate about the social and political affairs, and subsequently influencing their local communities, pushing the world to more progressive society. The powerful tool, that will bring the new generation to a new renaissance. That people through global communication, at last will abandon the prejudice bias as remaining of the old uncivilized times, that was the reason of the class, gender and racial inequality. Many expectations the new web created, that crushed severely crushed against the reality today. Where, because of the overflow of the information, people became absolutely passive, living in the world of a virtual entertainment and joy, thinking that they are free, but completely abandoning their freedom for the abstract simulations. Living in the society, even where the reality is replaced by the imitation of a insubstantial position, and virtual world which makes human believe that he owns everything, but actually nothing. So if before, the system throw rebellions into prisons and mental hospitals, today it herd them into the chains of digital screens, TV’s and computers. The postmodern capitalist system could triumph with glory as it made something that many totalitarian regimes could do, it domesticated human nature, that it the no one would dare to rebel against the dominant groups, who control the whole industry of entertainment and virtual reality.


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