Social Life Changing

We are living in an extremely advanced and technically modern world with functional electronics devices and the explosive growth of the social network and communication, all thanks to the invention of Internet. And the most interesting thing that I have found is that the dramatic difference in social life in the past and now.

History of the Internet started with the network called “ARPANET” invented in a university that connected computers in 1969 and now scientists have successfully created a global network connection and shrunk the world’s distance.

Internet has revolutionised the way people communicate and developed more collaboration and interaction. Remember back in the 20th century, there was lack of social life and showed no sign of intimate connectivity among the community. But now, thanks to the Internet, the combination of electronic devices and social media sites, people are allowed to get unlimited access, communicate globally in seconds and relationship building. Now, when we think of Internet, the first thing comes across our minds are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube,…I strongly believe these sites have done a fantastic job in bringing people together and gradually shaped the society’s perception.

In just less than 50 years, advancement in social life has changed the whole world in all aspects and with this rapid development, I believe that our Internet world will be considerably stronger in the future.

Anh Hoang



  1. The internet has for sure revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. It made it much easier to keep relationships around the world but said that there are people who think that those developments made people less social in therms face-to-face communication. What do you think about it?


    • Yes, definitely. Developments do bring certain drawbacks and the biggest problem we are facing is lack of face-to-face communication. People just got addicted to virtual world, even when they are with their family or friends, they still have cellphones on hands and completely forget the real world. So, it was like an obsession to technology. And I think this not only happens to adults but also to younger generations


  2. Social Network definitely changed our way to communicate with each other. As everything in the world this has pros and cons. If before living aboard meant to say a quick “Hi I’m fine” on the phone and hanging up because of the expensive bill, now we can easily talk with our parents even for hours and still do no pay more than we usually do for a normal data service. Internet gave us the chance to create new bonds with people all around the world by typing in front of a screen, and I find this extremely incredible. In the other hand we are losing our communicating skills in the real world, and we feel the need of being accepted first online, as maybe it happens with platforms such tinder.


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