Progression Progression Narcissism

Is the history of the Internet any longer relevant and is there anything to be learned from it?

Understanding the history of the Internet dispels the illusion behind it. No longer do I ask, “Where is the internet?” It is a logical and actually a relatively simple method of connections between computers, Wi-Fi and servers that we can track from the beginnings of ARPANET to the massive global infrastructure we now have.


To look at the history of the Internet is to look at young minds, young ideas and young people. Today young individuals dominate the Internet and are consistently best able to utilise its powers to their ability. YouTube stars are becoming famous, rich and influential people in ways subculture icons before them have done. The only difference being now, everybody is part of the same ‘sub’culture, the Internet.

We all use social media, we all have online personalities and we all post aspect of our lives that seem the most desirable. We could be seen as the most self obsessed generation to ever live, and we can see these values being spread throughout wider society. Popular culture focuses largely on self confidence, empowerment and beauty. In 2013 “selfie” was named word of the year and added to the Oxford english dictionary.

However, as with anything, fads will come and go, the generations will grow up, move on and develop new things to follow. Already a new video posting site YouNow (which I hadn’t heard of before) has so called ‘celebrities’ dominating site traffic. Young people will always demand progression and the internet has allowed for this to happen on a worldwide scale at an even more rapid pace. Regardless of how narcissistic or shallow that progression may currently be, there will always be new normals.




  1. I agree with you, I believe it was evolution that brought us here today, the inner human desire to evolve – even if this meant creating a narcissist generation. There might be, however, an innovative and creative side to this generation. The generation of people that loves their work; that can work from anywhere in the world because all they need is a wifi connection; that can promote a cause more rapidly and widely; that can see friends and family wherever they are.
    Personally, I think this is the reason we talk – and study – the Internet so much after all these years: It created a whole new lifestyle and new economic dynamics, it eventually became something a lot bigger than just a connection between machines.


  2. I would argue that this narcissism is more than just a fad though. I think the continuous availability of social media and the Internet have fostered an entire generation of kids who can’t bare the idea of not being in the spotlight. I think as social media usage evolves, this will only get worse. It may be “a new normal”, but I think narcissism is here to stay.


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