Out with the old and in with the new

Looking at how the Internet changed in the decades, between Alan Turing cracking the Enigma code and Arpanet, everyone can see how different that was compared to now.  But if we analyse the evolution only in the social network area, a deeper understanding of the internet user as an individual comes out.

With the birth of my MySpace in 2003, even if it was destined to fail, we can see how people, especially in the case of bands, were putting their content out there, that everyone could choose whether to see or not. Only 8 years later, in 2011 Snapchat was founded, where you can send pictures and videos directly to people and see if they have watched them.

To some this may seem as a good thing, since you “force” people into looking at what you are up to, without wondering if people are ignoring you, but I see it as a vicious circle; you receive confirmation, so you get used to it and constantly crave it, fuelling the fear of rejection.

The same goes for dating sites; now with boom of Tinder you know that you are going to be judged on your appearance.

The present of an Internet user has no escape, you’re either in or completely out.



  1. i completely agree that now there is a totally new generation, especially the point you made ‘you’re either in or completely out.’ The older generation especially feel like they are not up to date with technology. As a result they see the new technology as a negative as they are comparing this new generation to their own.


  2. The internet has always been something intriguing. And this couldn’t be any truer, once you experience a different world on social media, e.g. getting more likes, snap chatting, etc. Many can say that they are complimented on their beauty everyday on social media than they are in real life, maybe this is a part of reason why internet is so craving.


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