History of the internet

“Nobody cared and they said it wouldn’t work,” “Even if it does work, we want nothing to do with it.” This was the mentality that Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee had to face, of-course the creator of World Wide Web (www).
Consummating a bittersweet victory in 1958, researchers and scientist sent out the first words on the Internet in front of an audience, gradually sending letters “L” (successful) “O” (successful) “G” (system crash), congrats the first word sent on the internet was LO.

The Internet has come a long way from then. Initially the purpose of this structure was to send messages from one person to another without being in the same room, that was Internet then. In 1991, gradually the concept had transformed into a hub (www) where everyone could collectively access information, it sure has been made easier for us now. We’ve noticed enormous amounts of change created by the Internet, we’ve got the good, we’ve experienced the best, and we’ve based our future around it. This was the beginning of something that would result in the evolution of society. Lets take a moment to look in the past and realise what started ‘internet’.

Was it the threat from soviet union, which was partially the reason as to why, we have the Internet today? Well it constituted as one of the many reasons that led to America’s victory in the cold war. However, was the discovery of internet really worth the war?



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