History of the Internet

The idea that the Internet is now for everyone is rather interesting. The first appearance of what we now call the Internet was only used by a handful of people to crack codes during the war. They had no idea back then that what they were using would soon develop into a worldwide phenomenon used by a majority of the world.

The idea of the first technologies wasn’t to connect people, so how did it get to that point? Why did the government give us that much power?

Essentially this technology was used to break code and create bombs. Why would the government allow all that power to fall into the hands of every citizen? We believe we have so much power on the Internet. We can create forums and spread messages. If we are really talented we can even access incredible information, legal or not. Lately, the government is catching up with us. We do not realise that the government is monitoring everything. Our habits on the Internet reveal a lot about who we are and what we are capable of. It’s incredible to think that the government has more power now than when they had this technology all to themselves.


This article explains that the government is fighting to have control over the internet. They just might accomplish it. Cracking down on internet crime has given them more power now than ever. Knowing that they can possibly catch us is enough to keep us from participating in illegal activity online and even in real life.



  1. It seems like users want to do what they want and they would like to have complete control on their own social network sites without being monitored by anyone, including the government. On the other hand, the government wants to dominate the cyber world with the same old reasons: protecting citizens and detecting crimes. Do you think that the governments have the right to monitor users and rule the Internet sources?


  2. I like that you’ve highlighted the fact that the government gives us so much “power” on the internet. But in a way, they still have the
    “power.” They can easy take away that power, although we’re clever enough to work our way around the government, i think its to an extent. Crazy how the government have complete power in places like China and North Korea where the limitations are extreme.


  3. I like the fact that you mentioned how the Internet was first developed for the purpose of code cracking during the cold war, and how the people who created it didn’t even think the Internet is going to become a necessity one day. I also think that the question, why would the government would give us such power, is very intriguing and worth thinking about. I think the government has given us the ‘power’ to a certain extent. It is also convenient for the government itself,if we are using the Internet and certain platforms, it is easier for them to collect our data. How much power and freedom do we really have?


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