Has the internet really advanced that much?

Social media has become the UK’s preferred activity on the internet says Jasper Jackson, The Guardian. It is said that Brits are spending an average of 34 minutes each day on Social Media, but some researchers say that this is not what the internet was intended for in the first place.

If we look back to the 1960s, when ARPANET was first introduced for scientific research purposes, you will see that even then, the concept of sharing information was its primary purpose.


If we compare ARPANET to Facebook, the founder of the multi-billion-pound platform was a University student who envisioned his peers connecting via one database, sharing their daily thoughts, snaps and other types of media. It is extremely interesting to think that this is a similar concept to the original design in the 1960s, where users of a platform would share data in one big bubble.


Recently, there have been hundreds of social media platforms created around the world. These offer anyone who has access to the internet, a way to communicate, share media and even date online. The only difference, being the look of the front-end, but it is interesting to know that all of these platforms are built using a similar coding language and store our data (text, photos, videos, audio) in one large database.


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