Well, the presentation is very interesting, in particular, he used a funny joke to make our relax. The history of the internet, in many people’s mind, we use the Internet has been a long time.in the late 1960s and early 1970s,a variety of communications protocols were also developed.

In times past, we received messages spend long time, the pace of life was slower then! Technology always follow the people’s needs and demands,improving and changing so fast. However, in modern society, it also have some problems with the internet. In the debate, we have argued about what do you think about the freedom of the internet.Well, actually most of western people they all feel freedom on the internet. They can do everything they like.

However, in China some software can not be used in this country, like face book ,twitter, youtube.. These are blocked. Because the government do not want people to look much more about the violence and sex, especially for children and teenager. It could be a kind of limited for those people who can not have the international communication.  I hope one day, it can be changed.



  1. I completely agree that it seems like Western users have more freedom to do what they like because there are still restrictions when using social network sites in Asian countries, yes, China. Moreover, in North Korea, only 4% of people can get access to the Internet. And China can only use national networks like Weibo, Wechat, Baidu and no sign of Facebook, Youtube or Google. Do you think limited access to international communication can be a big disadvantage for these countries?

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  2. i agree with the fact that the internet has improved and changed although, as spoken about in the presentation, we might not have as much freedom on social media and internet as we would like to have (as you have mentioned china) but i think with all the demands, in the future this will be changed and many countries won’t feel the need to block civilians from using the internet!

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  3. Its interesting how the internet is suppose to be a “free” platform to communicate and be social with people around the world; but it is being blocked and manipulated for viewers in places such as China. goes to show that its not a place of expression for many as it may compromise situations for example with the Chinese Government.

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  4. I agree that technology and the Internet has changed so much since it first was developed. Its purpose, the way it works. Nowadays technology is evolving in such a fast pace that we could think, is technology following our needs and demands, or are we following the technologies development?

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  5. It’s funny how many people, specifically western users, don’t even think twice when trying to access something on the internet. We almost take it for granted. We don’t know what its like to be limited on a form of technology that was created to communicate. It’s unfortunate that China limits the ability of their citizens to communicate through different platforms.

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