The new generation

The Internet started up as “a small, publicly owned computer network”. World wide web was originally created by Tim Berners-Lee for the purpose of sharing. Sharing ideas, information, data. He was also seeking to create a community, community where people can share their ideas and communicate with one another.
The Internet now is much different from the Internet back then. Now anyone and everyone with basic Internet knowledge can create content and share it with the world in many different formats. Now people are able to pursue careers on the Internet. We are the first generation to embrace this ability to make a career out of putting content on YouTube, writing blogs, creating Vines or regularly posting on such sites as Instagram. Much more than before people are willing to put their lives on the Internet. 11917824-fe2d-4b6e-b7bf-ff710f29eae5_560_420
Now peoples privacy is being invaded more than even before. And that is a consequence of us putting our lives on the Internet. People happen to overshare on different social platforms. Especially Internet famous people, who’s job is to put up content about their daily lives for the public to see. Their privacy is being invaded everyday. But those people have decided to put their lives on the Internet and know the consequences.
Our generation – the new generation, is not only using the Internet on daily basis but also turned it into a career path. The Internet has become such a big part of our lives now, that we can not imagine not having access to it.



  1. We use the internet on daily basis and it has become a part of our lives. However, as you mentioned we do not realise that our privacy is exposed and hundreds of people have access to it by a simple clic! That could be concerning because you never know what everyone’s intentions are. Now days even children as little as 5 years old have their own social media accounts which I find very worrying! Maybe we need to think about what we share and who we share it with and what consequence that could have ad at least put our accounts on private.


  2. People don’t realise how much of our privacy is exposed on the internet and like you have said it is the fact that people are choosing to peruse their careers on the internet whether that be a blogger or vlogger they are opening at lot of their privacy to the internet. What should be asked is that is that a safe career to then peruse if people are able to gain a detailed amount of information about you from the internet. Many people are look up to these people such as Zoella and want to have a career like her but what I can imagine an issue being is that they don’t realise how invading it actually is.


  3. The concept of community that you have written about is what made internet what it is today. Internet is not seen just as something to use to research, but it is something deeper and all these social networks made it even a bigger community. It is true though that most of us are social networks addicted and sharing part of our lives nowadays became normal and we probably do not enjoy a meal anymore without sending a picture to a friend of us or posting the picture on snapchat. Maybe we should all take a step back and raise our heads up from our phones and remember that we are living in a real world, but does it make internet less real then?


  4. You are right about how easy it is to access and create media content. But I believe that for You Tubers oversharing is fundamental, sometimes I don’t even see it as an invasion of privacy since they can be fake and don’t have to be their true selves given that there is no way of finding out from our computers.
    This oversharing is what people like and I see it as what the public finds helpful, they feel this sort of connection. For instance, with Zoella’s anxiety, or Ingrid Nilsen coming out and women that record updates on their pregnancy.
    No one can know how long this You Tube phenomenon it’s going to last but for now it really looks endless.


  5. Thats the power of the internet. In the old days it was hard to build a career off of an invisible global network, but now-a-days even a 4 year old child can become famous on the internet. Doing things for entertainment always risks for publicity, and that clearly leads to privacy issues. Some many argue the internet is not a safe place to post things, but at the same time we are addicted to it.


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