The History of the Internet

Media and Society Essay Samija Ahmed

Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple Inc. 

The internet is developing everyday in more ways than one.

When we think of the internet and technology, with think of names such as Google the mass search engine that people cant seem to stay away from for more than a day, and Steve Job. A man who changed the way the internet could be viewed in a simpler and fashionable way making leaps in the computer world with Macintosh. This was mine blowing for people as we saw that there were vast changes happening in this field. Looking at devices today such as iPhone and Macs its crazy to think how everything has changed then and now. Back when computers fit whole rooms and could only do one thing at a time, it was all so simple. Now while we have multiple tabs up on google chrome and are flicking from YouTube to Facebook, some of us don’t realise the major construction that the internet has faced. All the way back in 1969, when a network was made to connect people making the ability to share military information much easier in the US.

The internet has revolutionised the ability to now communicate with people not only around you but all over the world with the help of site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. When places such as schools and other institutes of learning rely on the internet and search engines such a google to help them along they’re way in education, does this mean we’re becoming way too attached? This also makes me wonder how much the development of the will continue, what will the internet be like to us in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years?

A quote that I thought really summed up what in reality the internet is and what it means to us.

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates



  1. i believe that people are becoming too attached, not only to computers but the internet as it is easily accessible on phones, iPads etc. although it is a huge learning platform as you mentioned, for education, and also connecting people from different parts of the world, i think that people are using the internet more socially and for their own benefit.


  2. Yes exactly. One of the reasons that people are so fixated on the internet is that it provides what they need when they want it and how they want it. It does make me think that we are becoming slightly more impatient as we expect everything to happen so quickly. With it being accessed through ipads, iphones, and many more portable devices, its almost a must to be on the go with the internet. I love that I can get the latest Netflix choices when i want it, but i really think that our demand for fast connection is rising.


  3. I do agree with your point that people are getting too attached and fixated with the internet and technology. I believe that with all these new advancements within technology many of us are not using it to its full advantage. We have access to a whole range of information however many of us just use the internet for self promotion on social media.


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