History of the Internet

It somehow seems that internet has always been around, and we barely ever think about how have we ended up here. There are a lot of important events since 1960s that led to the digital world we know and live in.

The most interesting part of the development for me is how we as a society ‘coevolved’ with the technology. Most Web 2.0 platforms began as services for exchange of contents among friends, a group of college students or group of video enthusiasts and ended up in social media platforms as we know them today. We shifted our everyday life to online environments such as Facebook and Twitter. Those platforms influence human interaction and how we organise our lives, they influence how we interact with each other on a personal as well as on a larger society level.

Furthermore, the success of organisations aiming to connect their online activity with coding technology and their brand name becoming a marker for a specific activity, shows exactly the impact that the technology has on our lives. The best example of such a success is when brand becomes a verb like ‘googling’ which is now a synonym as we all know for online search . Gitelmans’ defines googling as ‘ritualised collocation’ that developed in a ‘larger economy of inscription’ which means that it became a part of out everyday life routine.

What would our life be without the Internet? Can you imagine it? I certainly cannot!


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