History of the internet

“Sharing is caring”, I wouldn’t find a better way to describe the Internet then and now.

Not even ten years ago I was so surprised when my mum used to say “Computers used to take an entire room because of their dimensions” and now, looking at my iPhone, I am even more surprised. But if the dimension of our technological tools has changed, I think that the aim is still the one that bring us to share.

Since the beginning in 1969, with the ARPANET, the first real network, the aim of the connection was to share military information around the USA to prevent a nuclear attack.

With the years connections became more and faster and started to be seen as something more than only pure technical information between military machines.

If we think about the internet today, it is not seen as a normal tool to use for researches and be updated with the latest news, it is so much more indeed. Internet is seen as a community, a community where everyone can share information. It is easy to think of platforms such as Facebook or Twitter where everything is based on the “share” button or the “Re-tweet” one.

Therefore, what I find really interesting about the history of the internet is how technology in a couple of decades changed completely and turned upside-down our way to communicate with each others, but at the same time the concept of sharing is still very strong and considered in a wider way.


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  1. Yes I totally agree with this post! It makes me a little angry when people say that the Internet has deadened relationships and real communication between people. I think it has done nothing but strengthen them, and this is because of the power of sharing. Dozens of times each day, I’ll see an article that reminds me of a friend, and with a few clicks, I can show that article to my friend. This usually creates a conversation and allows us to connect on a deeper level than just sharing the article. In years before the Internet, I probably would have read the article and still thought of my friend, but short of cutting the article out of the newspaper and sending it in the mail, there would be no way to elicit the kind of the discussion that the Internet has made so easy. In this way, the power of sharing helps to foster relationships and make our generation more tightly-knit.


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