The history of the internet

Take a minute.

Think back to 1950, a world with no social media or any forms of communication via internet nor mobile phone. Heartbreaking right? The processing of electronic computing 1950/1960s, has made it possible for us all today to expand our knowledge and dive into the world of the internet.

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In the early 80s the first ever mac was presented by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak successfully creating the personal computer that everyone could be able to afford and sure enough, it happened. By 1998 nearly every household in a populated city would have access to a computer, was this a turning point in history?

By the 90s adventure games became popular, making every child’s dream come true. Let’s fast forward to 20 years later, it is now 2016 and the world of internet is an ongoing non stop journey that has no end! In todays day and age it has become incredibly easy to rely on the internet for anything and everything, especially having internet on mobile phones makes it all the more easier to customise it for everyones individual needs. With main websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Google, Netflix etc. who knows what next website is going to be the next big thing! Will these sites stay in the lead in a few years? Or will new websites pop up catching our eye, forcing us to leave sites like Facebook and Twitter behind?



  1. The thing about Facebook or YouTube for example is that there always trying to keep up with what’s going in society and adjust their website accordingly to keep users happy.With this being said, unless these websites stop adding or altering new features then I don’t feel like people would sway towards something similar.Also the amount of time most people spend on social media sites, building a following or adding new ‘friends’ is growing and I don’t think users would want to start over if you like…not in the next few years anyway.

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  2. What Facebook and YouTube have managed to do, which has been said before, is that unlike sites such as Myspace, they have kept up with society by changing and adding features to improve them as we now expect more from them. When one site improves the word spreads which encourages other sites to follow so that they are keeping people interested and will not fade away like Myspace did.


  3. The thing is , it’s going to be any websites in the future or a different way? For example now we use more apps that we use the websites, so maybe the webpages is a think that is going to be different in a few years , probably in a few years we think about a subject and the information appears in front of us , or not. The thing is that the evolution is to fast now a days to keep track of what it’s happening , so we never know what comes next.


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