History of the Internet

To cut to the chase, the thing I find most surprising about the history of the Internet is the relative lack of age of websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Yes, it is very recent history, but when you think of the Internet now, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netfilx, Wikipedia, Amazon not forgetting Google, all come straight to mind.

In fact I can barley imagine the Internet without a main search engine like Google. To think that is was just over a decade ago that these services, baring Netflix which began as a postal service in 1997 and Wikipedia in 2001, these services that currently define the Internet were no where to be seen.

Are these going to stay the top dogs? Or will these fade away as the likes of My Space and MSN did? Are the current companies that rule the internet too strong to ever step away from the top, or will new sites knock them off?

To get the ball rolling, I think that these sites/corporations are now more than just websites, and that it will be virtually impossible for them to loose the amount of control they now have over our lives. MySpace was and simply is just a website, but Google is so much more than just a website. How even would it loose it’s control? Let alone Facebook. YouTube and the rest of the website giants.

But on the flip side, would it be realistic to say that there will be no more big websites born before the end of time. Surely not?



  1. I think your points made about the status and importance of massive ‘internet’ companies such as Amazon and Google is very true, they have become so much more than internet based services.
    Their size is the main reason why i think they will last for so much longer than Myspace, etc. We depend on them, and until they become no longer useful to us, what they offer us is too important to be reduced or vanish.

    However, Nokia is a company that all large internet corporations can learn from. They too at a stage in time seemed too large to ever vanish, but where are they today? They didn’t stay ahead of the consumer and failed as a result. IT makes you think if this could happen so easily to companies like Google if they neglect innovation/ progression.


  2. I think it’s really interesting how you pose the question ‘are they going to stay the top dogs’ especially for Google. With Google being such a globally recognised name, I doubt it is one of the websites that could fade away. When you think about Bing and Yahoo, two other search engines, not as many people use those as their primary search engine. I think that Google have cracked the code to becoming such a large part of our everyday lives through chromebooks, apps, Google Mail, Google docs etc. The list goes on and on. So I think the ‘big dogs’ like Google will struggle to fade away in this era of the Internet.


  3. I completely agree with your point about Google. I personally think that it is quite fascinating how a company succeeded to become such a big part of our life giving no other company a opportunity to come even close. When the name of your company becomes a verb (googling) that is a clear sign that you will not fade away any time soon.


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