History of the Internet

One aspect of the history of the internet which I found interesting came from Fred Turner’s book “From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism” (Fred Turner being a Stanford University associate professor of communication) which looked at the idea of counterculture. It made the point that if you consider companies and people such as Google and Steve Jobs we can see how they are creating an idea of the internet through the use of their own image. What this means is that the likes Steve Jobs and Google are using the image which the internet, and to an extent themselves, are given and they are showcasing their idea that you are able to escape what is acceptable in society. It means that Google and Steve Jobs are, to an extent, going away from what originally the internet was used for and are turning it into something else.

If more companies such as Facebook follow in the likes of Google and Steve Jobs it could be argued that it is creating an idea that you can escape from authority and the doings of your own thing when it comes to the internet. It could be said that there should be more boundaries within the internet and not just personal opinion or interpretations of what is online and can be online.  If companies and figures that are known within the history of the internet are seen to then take the advantage of what they have achieved on the platform that it has now become illustrates further what can happen on the internet in terms of authority as people will believe that they are able to their own thing when it comes to what they can do online.


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